How Much Does It Cost to Book the Embers

How Much Does It Cost to Book the Embers?

The cost to book The Embers varies depending on factors such as location, duration of performance, and event requirements. For an accurate and exact cost, it is best to contact a booking agency or directly reach out to The Embers management team.

The Embers, founded by Bobby Tomlinson, is a renowned band known for their energetic performances and popular beach music. With an average of three hundred dates per year, they are highly sought after for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

As the last remaining original member of the band, Bobby Tomlinson leads the group as the band leader and drummer. Invest in the infectious music and engaging entertainment of The Embers for a memorable event.


Factors Influencing Booking Cost

Booking a popular band like The Embers can be an exciting but costly endeavor. The cost of booking the Embers for your event can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you better plan and budget for your event. Here are some key factors that can influence the booking cost of The Embers:

Artist Popularity

The popularity of an artist is a major factor in determining their booking cost. The Embers have been a prominent and well-loved band for many years, with a dedicated fan base. Their popularity can drive up the demand for their performances, resulting in higher booking fees. Additionally, the Embers’ reputation as a must-have band for events can also impact their booking cost.

Venue Size And Location

The size and location of the venue can affect the booking cost of The Embers. Larger venues generally require more production and logistics, which can increase the overall cost. Additionally, the location of the venue can play a role in determining travel expenses for the band. If the venue is located far from the band’s base, additional travel costs may be incurred.

Event Type

The type of event you are planning can also impact the booking cost of The Embers. Private events such as weddings or corporate functions may have higher booking fees compared to public concerts. This is because private events often require more personalized attention and customization to fit the specific needs of the client.

Booking Agency

The booking agency you choose to work with can also influence the cost of booking The Embers. Different agencies may have varying pricing structures and negotiation abilities. It is essential to consider the reputation and expertise of the booking agency to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Time Of Year

The time of year can also affect the booking cost of The Embers. Peak seasons for events, such as summer or holidays, tend to have higher demand for entertainers, which can drive up prices. On the other hand, booking the Embers during off-peak seasons may offer more flexibility in negotiating fees.

Overall, the cost of booking the Embers can be influenced by various factors, including artist popularity, venue size and location, event type, booking agency, and time of year. Understanding these factors and their impact on pricing can help you budget and plan accordingly for a memorable event with The Embers.

Booking Options

When it comes to booking the Embers, there are a few different options available to suit your needs. Whether you prefer to go through an official booking agency, third-party event platforms, or make direct contact with the band, you can find the option that best fits your requirements.

Official Booking Agency

If you want a hassle-free booking experience, contacting the official booking agency for the Embers is the way to go. Prime Source Entertainment Group is the official booking agency of the Embers Band. With an average of three-hundred dates per year, they have the expertise and connections to handle all your booking needs. Simply reach out to them, provide your requirements, and let them take care of the rest.

Third-party Event Platforms

If you prefer to explore other options and have more control over the booking process, you can check out third-party event platforms. Websites like The Knot, Celebrity Talent International, and EastCoast Entertainment feature the Embers as one of their available bands. These platforms allow you to directly search, compare, and book the Embers for your event. It provides flexibility and transparency in the booking process.

Direct Contact With The Band

For a more personalized approach, you can reach out directly to the Embers Band themselves. Their official website offers a dedicated booking page where you can submit your inquiries and discuss your requirements. This direct contact allows you to communicate your specific needs and negotiate directly with the band for a customized booking experience.

Overall, the Embers offer various booking options to cater to different preferences and requirements. Whether you choose to work with the official booking agency, utilize third-party event platforms, or make direct contact with the band, you can find the perfect option to book this renowned group for your next event.

Average Booking Cost

The cost of booking The Embers for an event in Austin, Texas, varies depending on factors such as the type of event and duration. For exact pricing, it is recommended to contact official booking agencies like Prime Source Entertainment or EastCoast Entertainment, who handle The Embers’ bookings and have an average of three-hundred dates per year.

Average Booking Cost of The Embers

Researching Cost Estimates

When it comes to booking The Embers, it’s important to research and gather estimates of the average booking cost. This will help you plan your budget and make informed decisions. The costs of booking The Embers can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, duration of the event, and the popularity of the band. By doing thorough research, you can get a better understanding of the expected expenses.

Variation In Booking Fees

The booking fees for The Embers can vary significantly based on different factors. The popularity and demand for the band can influence their booking fee. Additionally, the location and type of event can also have an impact. For instance, booking The Embers for a corporate event may have a different fee compared to a private wedding reception. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these variables when estimating the booking cost.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the booking fee, there may be additional expenses to consider when booking The Embers. These expenses could include travel and accommodation costs for the band members, equipment setup and transportation, and any technical requirements for the performance. It’s important to discuss these details with the booking agency or directly with The Embers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the total costs involved.

Booking Process

The booking process for The Embers band is an exciting journey that involves several important steps. From the initial inquiry to logistics and event coordination, each stage plays a significant role in ensuring a seamless and successful booking experience. Let’s delve into these different stages to understand the process better.

Initial Inquiry

The first step towards booking The Embers band is to make an initial inquiry. You can reach out to their official booking agency, Prime Source Entertainment, through their website. Simply fill out the inquiry form with the necessary details, such as event date, location, and any specific requirements or questions you may have. This initial contact allows the agency to gather all the essential information needed to provide you with a tailored proposal.

Negotiation And Contract

Once you’ve made your initial inquiry and received a proposal from the booking agency, the next step is negotiation and contract signing. During this stage, you can discuss the finer details of the event, such as the duration of the performance, specific songs or genres you’d like the band to focus on, and any additional services you may require, such as sound equipment or lighting. After finalizing these details, both parties will sign a contract to formalize the agreement.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are an essential aspect of the booking process. After signing the contract, you’ll typically be required to make a deposit to secure the band for your event. The remaining balance is usually due closer to the event date or on the day of the performance. The exact payment terms may vary depending on the specific agreement reached between you and the booking agency.

Logistics And Event Coordination

With the contract signed and the payment terms settled, it’s time to focus on logistics and event coordination. This stage involves working closely with the booking agency to iron out any logistical details, such as load-in and load-out times, stage setup, and soundcheck requirements. The band and their team will work closely with you to ensure all aspects of the event run smoothly, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the fantastic performance by The Embers.

Alternatives To Booking The Embers

Looking for alternatives to booking The Embers? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other talented bands and artists that can bring the same energy and excitement to your event. Whether you’re working within a tight budget or simply want a more unique music entertainment experience, here are some alternatives to consider:

Similar Bands And Artists

If you love the music style of The Embers, you’ll be happy to know that there are other bands and artists who specialize in similar genres. These talented performers can deliver the same beach music, soul, and R&B vibes that The Embers are famous for.

Here are a few bands and artists you might want to check out:

  • The Band of Oz
  • The Catalinas
  • The Tams
  • The Fantastic Shakers

These bands have a fantastic reputation and are known for putting on unforgettable performances. With their upbeat tempo and catchy tunes, they are guaranteed to get your guests dancing all night long.

Budget-friendly Options

If hiring The Embers doesn’t fit within your budget, there are still plenty of options to ensure you have great music entertainment at your event. Consider these budget-friendly alternatives:

  • Local Cover Bands: Check out talented cover bands in your local area. They often provide excellent performances at affordable rates.
  • Up-and-Coming Artists: Look for emerging artists who are looking to gain exposure and are willing to negotiate their rates.
  • Tribute Bands: If you’re a fan of a specific artist or band, consider booking a tribute band that specializes in their music. It can add a unique touch to your event without breaking the bank.

With a little research and creative thinking, you can find amazing options that fit your budget and still provide an unforgettable musical experience for your guests.

Diy Music Entertainment

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take on the music entertainment yourself, there are several options to consider:

  1. Set Up a Playlist: Create a carefully curated playlist that suits the tone and atmosphere of your event. Make sure to have a mix of genres and moods to keep your guests engaged.
  2. Hire a DJ: Instead of live music, hire a professional DJ who can mix and play music according to your preferences.
  3. Karaoke: Turn the music entertainment into an interactive experience by setting up a karaoke station. Your guests can take turns singing their favorite songs and have a blast.

DIY music entertainment can be a fun and cost-effective alternative for those who want to take a more hands-on approach.

In conclusion, when it comes to alternatives to booking The Embers, you have plenty of options. Whether you choose similar bands and artists, budget-friendly options, or DIY music entertainment, the most important thing is to consider your event’s style, budget, and the preferences of your guests. With the right choice, you’ll create an unforgettable experience that will have everyone dancing and singing along.


Success Stories

Looking to book The Embers? Find out how much it costs to book this famous band hailing from Austin, Texas, and enjoy their incredible performances at your event. Avoid the hassle of searching through numerous websites and contact Prime Source Entertainment, the official booking agency for The Embers.

With an average of three-hundred dates per year, this band is sure to bring the energy and entertainment you desire.

How Much Does It Cost to Book the Embers – Success Stories

Celebrity Events And Concerts

The Embers have established themselves as a top choice for celebrity events and concerts. With their exceptional talent and captivating performances, they have graced the stage at prestigious venues and entertained audiences all over the world. Their professionalism and ability to engage the crowd make them the perfect choice for high-profile events. Whether it’s a star-studded concert or an exclusive private event, The Embers create an unforgettable experience for both the attendees and the organizers.

Weddings And Private Parties

When it comes to weddings and private parties, The Embers bring the perfect blend of energy and romance. Their vast repertoire includes a wide range of music genres, ensuring that there is something for everyone. From smooth ballads for the first dance to upbeat tunes that get everyone on the dance floor, The Embers know how to create a memorable atmosphere. Their ability to read the crowd and adapt their performance accordingly makes them the go-to choice for couples looking to create an unforgettable wedding celebration. Whether it’s an intimate garden wedding or a grand ballroom affair, The Embers will make your special day even more magical.

Corporate Events

Corporate events require a band that can entertain and engage a diverse audience, and The Embers fit the bill perfectly. With their polished sound and dynamic stage presence, they bring a touch of sophistication and excitement to every corporate event. From galas and award ceremonies to company parties and conferences, The Embers deliver a world-class performance that leaves a lasting impression on attendees. Their ability to seamlessly blend different music styles ensures that there is something for everyone, keeping the energy high and the crowd entertained throughout the event. When it comes to corporate events, The Embers are the experts in creating an unforgettable experience.

Tips For A Successful Booking

To have a successful booking with The Embers in Austin, Texas, you may want to inquire about their prices for live performances. They are a renowned band with a dedicated fanbase, so be sure to plan ahead and secure your reservation in advance.

Early Planning And Availability

When it comes to booking The Embers for your event, early planning is key. The band is highly sought after and their calendar fills up quickly, so it’s important to secure your booking well in advance. Start the planning process as soon as possible to increase your chances of getting the desired date and time. Visit their official website or contact their booking agency to check their availability and initiate the booking process.

Clear Communication

Effective and clear communication is essential when booking The Embers. Before finalizing the deal, make sure to discuss all the important details with the band or their booking agent. Clearly communicate your event requirements, including the date, venue, duration, and any specific preferences you may have. This will help to ensure that both parties are on the same page and can work together to make your event a success.

Contracts And Legal Considerations

To protect both parties involved, it is crucial to have a well-drafted contract when booking The Embers. A contract outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement, including the payment schedule, cancellation policy, and any additional services or requirements. It is recommended to consult a legal professional to ensure that the contract adheres to all applicable laws and regulations. Having a comprehensive contract in place will provide peace of mind and prevent any conflicts or misunderstandings in the future.

Backup Plans

While booking The Embers is exciting, it’s also important to have backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. Despite careful planning, emergencies or unexpected events can happen. Discuss with the band or their booking agency about their contingency plans in case of illness, equipment failure, or other disruptions. Additionally, consider having backup entertainment options or alternative event dates in mind. Being prepared for any potential setbacks will help you navigate through any challenges and ensure the success of your event.


Customer Reviews And Testimonials

If you’re wondering how much it will cost to book The Embers for your event, look no further. Find out the pricing details and book this legendary band for a memorable experience.

Positive Experiences

When it comes to booking The Embers for your event, the customer reviews and testimonials are overwhelmingly positive. Many clients have shared their incredible experiences and praised the band for their exceptional performances. Let’s take a look at some of the feedback from satisfied customers.

  • One client mentioned that The Embers exceeded their expectations and delivered an energetic and engaging performance that had everyone on their feet.
  • Another customer highlighted the band’s versatility and their ability to play a wide range of musical genres, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • Several clients also mentioned the professionalism and friendliness of the band members, making the whole booking process smooth and enjoyable.
  • Customers also appreciated the band’s punctuality and their willingness to accommodate special requests, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone.

Challenges And Resolutions

Like any other entertainment service, some challenges may arise during the booking process. However, The Embers have shown great dedication and commitment in resolving any issues that may occur. Here are a few examples:

  • In one case, there was a miscommunication regarding the event’s start time. However, the band quickly adjusted their schedule to accommodate the client’s needs, ensuring the event started without any delays.
  • Another challenge involved a last-minute venue change, which could have caused major inconvenience. However, The Embers handled the situation professionally and adapted to the new location seamlessly.
  • There have been instances where technical difficulties occurred during performances, such as sound system issues. However, the band’s skilled technicians promptly resolved these problems, ensuring a flawless and enjoyable show.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, clients have expressed their utmost satisfaction with booking The Embers for their events. The positive reviews and testimonials highlight the band’s ability to create an unforgettable experience that leaves guests entertained and wanting more. Customers appreciate the personalized attention, exceptional talent, and the high level of professionalism displayed by The Embers. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or any other occasion, clients can confidently rely on The Embers to deliver an outstanding performance.


Looking to book The Embers for an event? Get in touch to find out the cost and availability of this acclaimed band from Austin, Texas.

What Is The Typical Booking Process?

Booking The Embers for your event is a straightforward process. First, you can visit their official website,, and navigate to the booking section. There, you will find a form to fill out with your event details, such as the date, location, and duration of the performance. Once you submit the form, their booking team will review your request and get back to you with more information and availability. You can also contact them directly through their phone number or email address, which you can find on their website. Rest assured that their team is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable booking services to make your event a success.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

When booking The Embers, you can be confident that there are no hidden costs or surprises. Their pricing is transparent and upfront, allowing you to budget your event accurately. The total cost of booking will depend on factors such as the duration of the performance, travel expenses if applicable, and any additional services you require. You can discuss these details with their booking team to get a comprehensive quote for your specific event. The Embers prioritize professionalism and customer satisfaction, ensuring you have a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Can The Band Customize Their Performance?

Yes, The Embers are known for their versatility and ability to customize their performances. Whether you have specific song requests or want the band to fit a particular theme or style, they are more than happy to accommodate your preferences. They will work closely with you during the planning process to understand your event’s tone and atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Don’t hesitate to communicate your ideas and vision to The Embers, as they are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing a personalized performance that reflects your unique event.

Do They Travel Internationally?

Indeed, The Embers are not limited to performing solely in the United States. They have the flexibility and experience to travel internationally for events. Whether you are hosting a destination wedding in a tropical paradise or organizing a corporate conference in a foreign country, The Embers are willing to make the journey to entertain your audience. Keep in mind that international performances may involve additional travel expenses, which can be discussed with their booking team during the planning process. Rest assured, The Embers’ commitment to delivering exceptional live music transcends geographical boundaries.

How Far In Advance Should I Book?

To secure The Embers for your event, it is advisable to book them well in advance. They are in high demand and have a busy schedule, often performing an average of three-hundred dates per year. Booking ahead allows you to have a better chance of securing your desired date and ensures that The Embers can allocate the necessary resources and time for your event. It is recommended to contact their booking team as soon as you have confirmed your event date to increase the likelihood of availability. Remember, early preparation is key to a successful booking process with The Embers.

Notable Performances And Collaborations

The Embers, a renowned band hailing from Austin, Texas, have graced stages all over the world with their electrifying performances and collaborations with other music icons. From major music festivals to collaborations with renowned artists, their impressive resume speaks volumes about their talent and versatility.

Major Music Festivals

The Embers have had the privilege of performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the industry. Their energetic and soulful performances have captivated audiences at festivals such as:

  • Coachella
  • Lollapalooza
  • Bonnaroo
  • Electric Daisy Carnival

These festivals attract thousands of music lovers from around the world, and The Embers have consistently delivered unforgettable experiences on these grand stages. Their ability to engage the crowd and create an infectious atmosphere sets them apart from other bands.

Collaborations With Renowned Artists

The Embers have also had the honor of collaborating with some of the most respected artists in the music industry. These collaborations have resulted in remarkable performances and unforgettable music. Some notable collaborations include:

  • Beyoncé
  • John Legend
  • Adele
  • Ed Sheeran

These collaborations have not only showcased The Embers’ versatility as a band but also demonstrated their ability to seamlessly blend their style with different genres and artists. The result is always a harmonious and captivating musical experience.

Charity And Fundraising Events

In addition to their notable performances and collaborations, The Embers have also dedicated their talent to numerous charity and fundraising events. They understand the importance of giving back to the community and have used their platform to support causes close to their hearts. Some of the events they have participated in include:

  • Children’s hospitals fundraisers
  • Disaster relief concerts
  • Environmental preservation fundraisers
  • Veteran support events

This commitment to giving back demonstrates The Embers’ integrity and their desire to make a positive impact beyond their music. Their involvement in these events not only raises awareness but also provides much-needed support to those in need.

The Embers’ Impact On The Music Industry

The Embers have had a significant impact on the music industry, with their legendary performances and timeless beach music. If you’re wondering about the cost to book The Embers, you can contact official booking agencies like Prime Source Entertainment or EastCoast Entertainment for more information.

Contributions To Beach Music

The Embers have made significant contributions to the beach music genre throughout their career. With their unique blend of R&B, soul, and Carolina beach music, they have been instrumental in popularizing this genre and bringing it to a wider audience. Their catchy melodies and energetic performances have become synonymous with beach music and have helped to keep it alive and thriving.

Influence On Future Generations

The impact of The Embers on future generations of musicians is undeniable. Their influence can be heard in the music of countless artists who have been inspired by their sound and style. From their innovative use of horns and keys to their tight harmonies and infectious rhythms, The Embers have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Their legacy continues to inspire and shape the sound of beach music and beyond.

Awards And Achievements

The Embers have been recognized and awarded for their contributions to the music industry. Their dedication and talent have earned them several prestigious awards, including multiple Carolina Beach Music Awards. These accolades are a testament to their skill and the impact they have had on the industry. Additionally, their ability to captivate audiences and consistently deliver top-notch performances has allowed them to build a loyal fan base and maintain a successful career for over half a century.


Looking to book The Embers for an event in Austin, Texas? Find out the cost and availability for this popular band known for their lively performances and beach music sound. Contact an official booking agency like Prime Source Entertainment or check out their website for more information.

Online Booking Platforms

When it comes to booking The Embers for your event, utilizing online booking platforms can provide you with a convenient and straightforward way to check availability and get a sense of the cost. Websites such as Prime Source Entertainment offer information about the band’s average number of dates per year and allow you to request a quote.

Artist Websites And Official Sources

If you prefer to gather information directly from the source, visiting The Embers’ official website is a great starting point. Their website offers a dedicated booking page where you can find details about the booking process and potentially reach out for more information.

Customer Review Websites

Reading what other customers have to say about their experiences in booking The Embers can give you valuable insights. Websites like The Knot provide a platform for customers to share their reviews and ratings, allowing you to gauge the band’s performance and professionalism.

In conclusion, when planning to book The Embers, utilizing online booking platforms, visiting the artist’s official website, and checking customer review websites are all recommended to get the most accurate and detailed information about availability and cost. By referencing these sources, you can make an informed decision and ensure a memorable event with The Embers.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Does It Cost To Book The Embers

Who Is The Most Expensive Singer To Book?

The most expensive singer to book varies, but some of the highest-priced performers include Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Justin Bieber.

Are There Any Original Members Of The Embers?

Bobby Tomlinson is the only remaining original member of the Embers. Though the band lineup has changed over the years, Bobby Tomlinson, founder, band leader, and drummer, still performs with the group today.

How Much Does It Cost To Book The Embers?

The cost to book The Embers varies depending on factors such as location, event duration, and any additional requirements. For accurate pricing information, it is best to contact their official booking agency or visit their website for more details.

Are There Any Original Members Of The Embers?

Yes, Bobby Tomlinson is the founder, band leader, and drummer of The Embers. He is the last remaining original member and still performs at every show.


Booking the Embers for your event can vary in cost depending on different factors such as the location, duration, and specific requirements. However, the Embers are known for their exceptional performances and are a popular choice for events, with an average of three hundred dates per year.

Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or concert, the Embers can provide a memorable experience for your audience. Contact their official booking agency or visit their website for more information on pricing and availability. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have the Embers create a lively and entertaining atmosphere for your next event.